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Openminded is a community of advocates, researchers, and entrepreneurs dedicated to making mental health a priority in our homes, work, and public institutions.


Advance educational and development frameworks to meet the needs of our 21st century lifestyles.

  • Nearly 1 in 4 adults experience a mental health condition every year.

  • Half of mental health conditions begin by age 14, and 75% of mental health conditions develop by age 24.

  • Annual percentage of hospital visits due to suicides almost doubled from 2008 to 2015.



Advance research and technology that leads healthier, more purposeful, and more fulfilling lives.

  • Mental illness costs businesses over $1 trillion a year.

  • Half of all jobs are subject to automation with no formal strategy for retraining and redistribution.​

  • By 2025, we will have a deficit of over 6,000 psychiatrists, rough 12% of the workforce.


Advance services and support for those that have been marginalised by severe mental illnesses.


  • 1 in 17 people lives with a serious mental illness. 

  • Approximately 20% of inmates in jails are now estimated to have a serious mental illness.


  • In 2005 there was one psychiatric bed for every 3,000 American versus 1 to every 300 in 1955. 

Reasons to be Optimistic

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